Mediation Services


Family-Related Disputes

Marriage Restoration

Mediation can offer hope for couples experiencing marital challenges who want to preserve their marriage and restore wholeness in their relationship.  Mr. Schulze can lead couples through difficult conversations regarding a variety of sensitive issues. Mr. Schulze can act as a neutral and impartial voice to aid couples in clarifying issues and evaluating solution options.


As you would surely understand, parenting from separate households can involve special efforts in coordination.  When disputes arise in these scenarios Mr. Schulze facilitates conversation, compromise, and new insights, in an effort to resolve the issues and allow the family to proceed productively again.  Mediation can address concerns regarding parenting schedules, holiday schedules, custody, educational issues, medical decisions, religious up-bringing, communication, transportation, and discipline, among other similar such areas.  The goals of mediation are to enable the families to focus on the needs and best interests of the children.


When a marriage ends mediation can offer a confidential, low cost, and speedy route to resolution, which is often far better than the pursuit of litigation.  Judges tend to agree with that statement and that is why oftentimes mediation is court ordered. Discussions between divorcing couples about finances, personal property, housing, child custody, and parenting issues can be, and often are, very challenging.  However, a skillful mediator is adept at assisting couples in overcoming communication challenges.   


The passing of a loved one can require any number of people to resolve issues while under great stress. This can lead to a breakdown in communication that often ends in long-lasting negative feelings. Mediations can facilitate negotiations in disputes regarding wills, personal representative of estates, and other disagreements among heirs and other interested parties.

An ounce of mediation is worth a pound of arbitration and a ton of litigation!
— Joseph Grynbaum
The problem with communication is the illusion that is has occurred.
— George Bernard Shaw

Business-Related Disputes


Conflict often happens in professional relationships and work environments. Co-workers spend countless hours together and, when disagreements happen (as they always do), morale and productivity can be adversely affected. Without a resolution, good employees can quit, relationships may dissolve, profitability can diminish, and sometimes employers will get sued. Mediation can offer a confidential place for employees and employers to work through their differences and resolve issues that have arisen.

Breach of Contract

When one side to a business contract alleges that the other has not adhered to the terms, one party usually sues the other party. Mediation offers an effective and efficient alternative to litigation, and can be accomplished at a fraction of the cost. The confidentiality of mediation benefits all involved persons to business disputes, and because it is a settlement negotiation none of the parties need to worry about having mediation discussions used against them in the event litigation does proceed. Gerrit Schulze is often able to assist the parties to a breach of contract dispute in coming to a mutually satisfactory conclusion.

Small Claims

Either before or after filing a small claims lawsuit, mediation can be utilized to help parties to find a satisfactory resolution to their dispute, and preserve a relationship in the process. When individuals encounter conflict, mediation offers a private and speedy alternative to litigation, and can be done in a way where the parties can still have positive future dealings, which is rarely the case in litigation.

Landlord – Tenant

It is very common for a conflict to arise between a landlord and tenant if circumstances change. The difficulties often exist in the landlord-tenant relationship due to non-payment of rent, lack of repairs to rental properties by landlords, and interpretations of lease arrangements. Mr. Schulze is able to help these mediation participants to discuss concerns and work toward finding amicable solution to preserve the tenancy relationship.

Gerrit is an exceptional and efficient mediator - a true asset in any dispute resolution process.
— Douglas J. Shumway, Esq.
Compromise. Such an adjustment of conflicting interests as gives each adversary the satisfaction of thinking he has got what he ought not to have, and is deprived of nothing except what was justly his due.
— Ambrose Bierce