about Attorney Gerrit Schulze

Mediation is a structured alternative dispute resolution process in which an impartial person (a mediator), facilitates discussions between two or more parties to a dispute in order to promote reconciliation, settlement, or at the very least an understanding between them. All of this is done in an effort to avoid litigation, or the continued pursuit of litigation.

Mr. Gerrit Schulze, Esq. is a partner at Shumway Van, a law firm with regional offices in San Antonio, Las Vegas, and Salt Lake City, who focuses a portion of his legal practice on mediation and other alternative dispute resolution processes in an effort to help clients avoid the pain and stress of litigation, while also obtaining better results than they would through the pursuit of litigation.

Judges and juries are only human and can make very unexpected decisions, which makes litigation risky for both parties. Because this is the case, Mr. Schulze believes that any negotiated result is more successful than any result a judge or jury would provide for all parties involved.

In addition to his dispute resolution practice, Mr. Schulze is a civil and commercial litigator who represents businesses and individuals in a wide variety of legal disputes. As you might imagine, his experience fighting battles in court has helped him to refine his practice as a mediator because he is able to articulate possible outcomes in litigation and the risks and rewards of traditional lawsuits. Many parties to disputes have found sophistication about the legal process aids the resolution of the issue.